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Spring Is Upon Us........

March 19th 2012 05:02
: On Iran & The Road Ahead....
Spring is in the Air. It is when Nature begins to renew itself and reminds us of the possiblities.

This optimism is very much tempered by what has been happening in Syria. Al Jazeera, right now, is reporting about the continued carnage. The Regime has been ruthless in such a way that I can't even begin to understand it. This is as the butcher Assad thought about buying iTunes music, downloaded a copy of the biography of Steven Jobs and showed the total lack of regard and absolute disdain he showed for the people that he supposedly leads who supposedly supported by a margin of 97% his so-called Constitution that is supposed to be the blueprint for future progress in the Country.

Beyond Syria, there is of course Iran. Iran is under severe sanctions that has seen its' currency lose 50 percent of its' value. Iranian banks have been kicked out of the Belgian-Based Swift system that handles international payments. Inflation continues to rage on. This is as the internal divisions within the regime is ever more evident. As the new Parliament gets ready for its' term, the fissure with the so-called President is becoming ever more as he was called to Parliament for questioning and at least one MP made noises about his dismissal.

As the people of Iran continue to suffer, I remembered the election of 2009 that promised a new dawn for the Country. The optimism epitomized by this campaign video by MIr Hossein Mousavi expressed the desire of millions:

It begins with the former President Khatami telling the crowd that he loves the morning. Many were awaiting that dawn of a new day which the thugs, theives and murderes denied the Country through a brutal crack down that continues today. There were many within the Iranian diaspora who dismissed Mousavi and Karoubi initially. But Mousavi was the man who ran the Country during some of its' darkest days as the Country basically fought the World with tacit support from Israel. Yet, he had the courage to speak up while others could not. He has paid a heavy price by being under house arrest along with his wife. I remember the videos as people used to plead with him about the realities. I remember him when a mother pushed herself into the campaign bus and pleaded with Mr. Mousavi about his Son's Predicament who had turned to drugs with no hope. The

I saw reports that the Supreme Leader's Son, Khameini, was sent by Khameini to somehow have Mousavi make peace with and repent. Mousavi refused. I salute him for his courage. The thugs who in charge in Iran have not just stopped at Mr. Mousavi and his wife. They have gone after their children and threatened them with dismissal from their positions as teachers. Furthermore, in order to insure a so-called Islamic "flavor" to the internet, a so-called High Council on the Internet has been formed to "cleanse" the internet. The "cyber army" is slated to have 120,000 members. I suppose that "outsiders" will be subject to eventual attack.

One of the many that has paid a very heavy price for his advocacy of Democracy inside the Contry has been one of the former Vice Presidents for Khatami, Mohammad Abtahi. He has been relegated to periodically take to Facebook to really have subdued thoughts. Many other lawyers, writers and intelectuals continue to languish in Prisons. They did not even have the decency to allow the Oscar Winner, Asghar Farahi, to be acknowledged for his momentous achievement for winning an Oscar for his film--A separation.

What I find so sad as I remember Iran is how the legacy of Ayatollah Behbahani and other progressives has been so destroyed by Khameini and his cronies. Behbahani, for those who do not know, was one of the leading lights that spoke against the tyranny of the Qajar Dynasty and insured that Iran was turned into a Constitutional Monarchy.

When I read the story on the creation of the Cyber Army, I could not help but laugh. I remembered Paul Newman when he was asked his feelings on being on Richard Nixon's Enemies List. If writing about Freedom, Democracy, the rule of law and respect for all creeds is a crime--then I am guilty as charged. We can have vibrant disagreements about issues and outlook. But the need to respect all creeds, all religions and all outlooks and remember is the essence of humanity. I remembered what the leading Islamic Philosopher Ibn al-Arabi noted when he said:

My heart is capable of every form.
A cloister for the monk, a fane for idols
A pasture for gazelles, the votary's Kabah
The tables of the Torah, the Koran
Love is the faith I hold: wherever turn
His camel, still the one true faith is mine

But as spring is in the Air, I continue to remain hopeful and optimstic. Although the prospect of war horrifies me, I continue to believe that cooler heads will prevail as nature always somehow reminds us that there is indeed cause for hope as eptimozed in this classic song:

Onward to Spring w/all its' possiblities.....

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