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Outsider Views - Never Losing Hope


"Outsiders" Americas Watch (4/2/2012): A Sense of The US Political Landscape Today

April 2nd 2012 17:52
: The Campaign Has Begun!!!!
As the new Quarter dawns, there are always glimmers of hope throughout our World. I have been assessing that during the brief "break" I took from further development of "outsiders" as I assessed the state of our world over the next few days.

As I assessed our World, I first thought about the state of affairs in America. The election is in full swing as the Republican Party in the United States is starting to unify behind Mitt Romney. This is as the Obama Campaign begins its' frontal assault on Mr. Romney. Mitt Romney will be the nominee. He will be a damaged nominee, though, going into the general election.

The Romney Campaign narrative is one of a man who comes from private industry, who has created jobs and understands how the economy works. He wants to bring business ideas to Government. The slight problem with that view is that business is not Government, though. There are times where there needs to be a national response in order to deal with calamities. Even George W. Bush understood that as he began what was known as TARP to avoid a total financial collapse of the economy. Believeing in the power of the market is something is that has been the key driving force behind the Republican Campaign which will continue on

I also have been assessing the new budget rolled out by the US House of Representatives Republican Majority. It has been adopted that calls for massive cuts in non-discretionary spending. Although it will not become law of the land, it will present the choice that apparently the Obama Re-Election campaign will be focused on. Some will say that this underlines a true sense of the "Social Darwinist" approach to social policy which essentials means this: the people are on their own.

One of the profound concerns that is of concern is the state of US Healthcare. The past two weeks saw the battle over the Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as Obamacare) be fought out before the Supreme Court over a 3-Day Period. One of the central tenants of the Republican Campaign has been to defeat "obamacare". The problem is that there is no real effective Plan B in place. This is as people continue to lose coverage, premiums continue to rise and costs continue to be ever more out of control. What I find fascinating is that the individual mandate idea originated out of the Heritage Foundation in the 90's. Yet, when it was adopted by the Obama Adminstration as a central plank in its' massive 2700-Word law. None of them matters now because the issue is one of it being constitutional.

Mr. Romney is indeed an extremely accomplished man. Although he came from a rather privileged background, he also had the vision to help launch one of the leading Venture Capital Firms that helped propel his current wealth. He also has a deep sense of faith and family as exemplified by what he did in service as a Bishop in the Church of Jesus Christ Later Day Saints. I also view his committment to Public Service as commendable. What I have profound concerns about is the apparent subtle way in which he has not been as supportive and understanding of those who decided on a career in Public Service. Public Servants at all levels of Government deserve the same level of thanks, understanding and appreciation for what they have done. This is whether they work in a Public Institution and especially all those who specifically decided to wear America's Uniform. Over 100,000 of America's best continue to serve on the frontlines today.

As America gears up for the "billion dollar" campaign, I wonder why would anyone want to run in such an environment. Beyond this, I have to .wonder whether America can truly go beyond the politics of blame and fear.

As for the news at hand, the Wisconsin Republican Primary is on hand tomorrow. It appears that Romney will win it. The issues, though, is how to remain interesting up to the convention, though as President Obama continues on with being President. As I finish this, for instance, Mr. Obama is about to appear with Mr. Calderon and Mr. Harper to discuss the recent Summit of the Americas.

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