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Outsider Views - Never Losing Hope

: On #Israel; #Iraq; #Iran & Other Thoughts
The World has proven yet again to be ever so challenging. Ebola continues to rage on in West Africa. Israel continues to simmer with tensions as a right-wing Israeli Activist was shot and severely wounded in an assassination attempt. This is as Israel and the United States continue to be at each others' throats with apparent disparaging remarks by alleged US officials aimed at the Israeli Prime Minister as Israel has approved the construction of new homes in East Jerusalem despite international condemnation.

Israel has profound challenges before it. The economy is about to hit recession in part due to the Gaza War. The estimates we've seen here @ "outsiders" are around 2 Billion Dollars. The Bank of Israel announced an interest rate of zero percent. As the Economic Challenges abound, the continued challenges of "Fortress Israel" is also a challenge as Israel continues to be challenged on all sides. The only "quiet" border is Jordan. Although Egypt is nominally "quiet", the Sinai Militants continues to be challenging as Egypt declared Marshall Law to try to quell the increased lawlessness on the Sinai. The border with Syria is controlled by the Al Nusra Front as Hizballah in Lebanon continues to challenge Israel. It is interesting how Israel continues to push and demean US officials as it has while it has such challenges around it as it has. This is as Sweden has just announced recognition of Palestine as a State. The Foreign Minister of Israel, Mr. Lieberman, slammed the recognition as noting that the Middle East is more complicated than building an IKEA furniture. What he and his nominal boss, the Israeli Prime Minister, seem to not realize is that they are part of the problem. It has been of note also that profound rifts have developed within the existing Israeli Governing Coalition.

Beyond the ravages of the MIddle East, there is the relative oasis that is the United States. Based on all the prognosis we've seen here @ #outsiders, the apparent trend is for the Republicans to take control of Congress and continue making inroads in State Legislatures. The outreach by the Democrats have been relentless in trying to drum up financial support for campaigns. What we at #outsiders believe is that barring any earth shattering developments, Governors in California, New York & Ohio will be re-elected. Two key Governorships--Wisconsin & Florida--will go down to the wire as campaigns continue onward. It will an interesting day on Wednesday as we assess the aftermath of the day and thereafter assess the the final 2 years of the Obama Administration and 2016 prospects. It has been interesting how Jeb Bush, the former Governor of Florida and brother and son of a Former President, is being touted as a potential candidates as Jeb's Son, George P. Bush, has a good shot to be elected Texas Agriculture Commissioner. The Fed, though, has signaled its' faith in the US Economy by announcing its' end of the Quantitative Easy Program which has entailed the purchase of Bonds yet underscoring its' commitment ot maintain interest rates at near zero levels. It was a bit amusing how a columnist in a libertarian newspaper recently noted how America was in a state of Malaise and despair as exemplified by President Obama's exhausted appearance and a shaken sense of confidence that shows no sign of abating for the moment. Whether the Republicans will be given that "mandate" is an open question. As the polls continue to indicate a surge in Republican Support, Business has cast its' lot with the Republicans. This is why the Democrats have been pleading with emails like "omg"/etc., along with this that was sent out from US Senator Sherrod Brown sent on behalf of Senator Mark Udall:

***************************** ***************************** ****

Dear Mike,

In Colorado, Mark Udall has been the target of $22 million special interest spending. That’s an ugly number, but Mark’s opponent’s campaign and policies are even uglier.

Mark’s opponent led an 8-year crusade for a “personhood” law that would ban abortion even in cases of rape and incest and criminalize certain forms of birth control. And now that he’s running for Senate, Mark’s opponent is trying to backpedal.

The ugliest part of all? Mark’s race is polling in the single digits. All that special interest money is taking its toll, and Mark needs some grassroots support to prevail. Give $5 and help his team get out the vote in Colorado.

If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

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Mark is one of the original co-sponsors of a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. He’s always put Colorado first, and he’s championed the kind of policies that will improve our economy today and improve the opportunities of tomorrow.

His opponent? Well, his opponent voted for the government shutdown. He voted to end Medicare as we know it. And he voted to gut Social Security. He’s a Tea Partier to his core -- and with only 5 days until the election, he’s got a real chance to steal a Senate seat from a true friend of the middle class.

Colorado has a choice this year -- a Tea Party firebrand, or a Senator who works for the middle class. Help Mark Udall’s team in these pivotal final days by chipping in five bucks.

Thank you for helping my friend Mark.


***************************** ***************************** **************

& this:

***************************** ***************************** *************

shocked.sad@democraticgoverno <> Unsubscribe
6:38 AM (16 minutes ago)

to me
… and we’re PANICKED. You’re a good Democrat – where are you?


… we keep thinking our ActBlue tracker will light up, and it keeps going from BAD to WORSE.



… We are at risk of a massive COLLAPSE.

… President Obama needs YOU.


Please, Mike: We can’t ABANDON President Obama now. Winning depends on you: GIVE. RIGHT. NOW.

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In all of this, the challenge of Security continues to overshadow challenges which was discussed at a Google Hangout sponsored by the New America Foundation that we joined. It was quite interesting to note that the existing strategies on predicative analysis is simply wrong especially in light of the tragedy in Canada:

Beyond the Shores of the US, We here @ #outsiders have also been quite amazed at developments in the so-called "BRICS" countries along with Europe. Europe is challenged ever more as recession looms, Germany Stumbles and unemployment continues to rise ever more in France. . The Modi Juggernaut in India continues in a major way. BJP has won two major states in the most recent state elections that has seen the Congress be relegated to irrelevance. India's most important state, Maharashtra, will have a new Chief Minister sworn in in a lavish ceremony. This is also as the Prime Minister continues the clean India campaign and as the Finance Ministry has just announced cuts in discretionary spending which is a continued welcome sign of the discipline that the new Modi Government is trying to exert on India as the so-called "Black Money" inquiry continues to take shape in India as well. Indian markets continue to underscore a sense of confidence As for Brazil, President Dilma Rousseff won re-election with around 51 Percent of the vote. It was interesting how a noted analyst noted how Brazil elected to stay with "statism" and one party rule. China is also slowing down--as is Russia. The collapse of the price of Oil will present challenges for Russia.

What the predicament of BRICS E underscores is the broader challenge grown even more stark as underscored on a world wide basis as reported by Oxfam:

As October comes to a close, there is at least some sense of optismism as negotiations with Iran continue. Two front page stories in the Wednesday Editions of the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times underscored how both sides have incentives and how the broader challenge of Dayesh (also known as ISIL/ISIS/Islamic State in the Western Media) seem to have create a state of "Detente" between the United States and Iran. The so-called conservative wings in Iran continues its' broadsides as it continues onslaughts on members of Rohani's Government. It will be quite a bright spot if an agreement is reached in the midst of all the chaos raging on right now. This is as the war in Syria and Iraq rages on and Afghanistan's war continues with no apparent end in sight. The new Afghan President made a pilgrimage to Mecca and then was off to China to drum up new business as NATO turned over bases to Afghanistan as the year draws to a close.

An ever so challenging November 2014 looms....


: Bravery in Action
While on the "Grid", we wanted to report on this newsflash for the Week-End from the depths of Kobane as the valiant defenders continue to stand up to the thugs of Dayesh (also known as ISIL/ISIS/etc.) in the West:

The bravery is beyond words.


: Can it be contained?
As the World has been dealing with the Ebola Virus, there has been some late breaking developments. A Doctor in New York City has been confirmed as having the virus. Based on reports reviewed, it is understood that he served in Africa. He also apparently took the Subway in New York which may present a challenge--although authorities in New York are understandably measured in their response to the crisis. The Mayor of New York has come out noting that there is nothing to fear. Although there are reports of 170,000 cases of Ebola by December.

Ebola is the latest in a series of challenges that has engulfed the Obama Administration. The struggle against Dayesh (also known as the Islamic State/ISIL/IS) is continuing in earnest. There are reports coming out daily that reports of the young vying to go fight in Syria. The lowlife who was killed by the Canadian House of Commons Sergeant at Arms was vying to go to Syria. It was very fitting that the entire Canadian House of Commons rose up to applaud the bravery of Kevin Vickers

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: Counting One's Blessings
For this edition of the "Outsider" Newsflash, please note of an upcoming key event here in the United States called #GivingTuesday. It is going to be held on December 2. Please visit for details.

We live you with this "Thought 4 the Week

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: An Opportunity to Make a Difference
Please note this "newsflash" and help spread the World on opportunities to make a difference as the Ebola Menace is fought around the World--All do indeed have an opportunity to make a difference:

[[COLOR=Teal]SIZE=4]As you know, the 2014 Ebola Outbreak in West Africa has inundated the news. This major health concern affecting several countries has been compounded by a lack of localized language skills and dissemination of information about the virus to potentially affected communities. Click on the Ebola Outbreak infographic here:
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: Amazed...
Ebola continues to wreak havoc around West Africa and it has arrived in the United States. Europe is continuing its' efforts as the United Kingdom is continuing on-going meetings of the COBRA committee along with beginning wider efforts to monitor. President #Obama has had a conference call with key World Leaders urging more action. It is insightful as Britain's Sky News interviews the former Prime Minister of Senegal about how they were able to eradicate it all. It is interesting how Government is now at the center of it all--as all Small Government Advocates somehow seem to have gone silent as this latest menace continues to spread.

Beyond the Ebola Challenge, there is the fight in Iraq and Syria. Kobane continues to under siege as the Kurdish defenders seem to have been left to fend for themselves. This "voice" Although the latest from US Officials underscore how the bombings have "stalled" Dayesh (also known as the IS/ISIL/Islamic State/Etc.), they seem to continue to make advances and are extremely capable of adapting to the challenges being faced right now. This very chilling video secured by Al Jazeera underscores the extend of the the reach of Dayesh right now.
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: No Choice....
Part of what "outsiders" has been about is a sense of transformation and to be different in terms of the need to understand. Recently a story in Technilious gave a moment of pause to reflect upon the fundementals..and it began with this beautiful story from the fantastic Randy Pautsch:

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On India & Pakistan Right now....

October 8th 2014 04:27
: Why would Pakistan do it?

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: Worrisome...
As a new week dawns, We here @ "outsiders" have been monitoring the fight for the City of Kobani. The fight has been intense and all reports we've seen reflects Kobani may fell to the Dayesh Thugs (also known as IS/Islamic States in the West). This has been in spite of continued airstrikes by US-Led coalition airstrikes and fights by Kurdish forces. The Syria Observatory for Human Rights reports that a Kurdish Woman Suicide Bomber bomber blew herself up in the midst of some Dayesh Thugs.

As the fight for Kobani continues, Baghdad is also under the threat of Dayesh Forces. What remains an open question is whether Turkey will enter Syria to push back these thugs or not? The question of Iran's involvement is also ever so an open question because if any of the Shiite holy sites are threatened, it is a red line and Rouhani made it ever so clear. As this has been going on, the Al Nusra Front has been in a major fight with Hezbollah on the Lebanese border as well

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A "Thought 4 the Week-End"

October 4th 2014 04:52
: As The Week-End Dawns :-)
On this First Week-End of the new quarter, we wanted to take a moment of reflection to underscore:

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