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Outsider Views - Never Losing Hope

: Can it be contained?
As the World has been dealing with the Ebola Virus, there has been some late breaking developments. A Doctor in New York City has been confirmed as having the virus. Based on reports reviewed, it is understood that he served in Africa. He also apparently took the Subway in New York which may present a challenge--although authorities in New York are understandably measured in their response to the crisis. The Mayor of New York has come out noting that there is nothing to fear. Although there are reports of 170,000 cases of Ebola by December.

Ebola is the latest in a series of challenges that has engulfed the Obama Administration. The struggle against Dayesh (also known as the Islamic State/ISIL/IS) is continuing in earnest. There are reports coming out daily that reports of the young vying to go fight in Syria. The lowlife who was killed by the Canadian House of Commons Sergeant at Arms was vying to go to Syria. It was very fitting that the entire Canadian House of Commons rose up to applaud the bravery of Kevin Vickers.

The fight in Kobane is just one indication of the broad fight that is continuing as bombings continue in Iraq almost on a daily basis. The National in Abu Dhabi has noted the continued financial strength of Dayesh as it brings in millions to support its' growing army. But beyond the battle in Syria and Iraq, there is the continued festering problem in Israel as clashes are continuing between Palestinians and Israelis in Jerusalem. It was shameful how Hamas leaders welcomed the attack by the Palestinian Driver that ended up killing the baby. This is as Israeli Leaders have vowed an "Iron Fist" to quell the disturbances. One of the voices of reason, Justice Minister Tipzi Livni, put out a warning to Israeli Ministers like Bennett who have advocated a "tough stance":

What is also even more disturbing is how the Taliban in Afghanistan have reared their ugly head in the North Part of the Country based on the latest reports being reviewed. The continued foreign policy challenges has given away to such pathetic pleas for Money from the Democrats as they are struggling to retain their existing seats in State Legislatures , Governors and Congress:

Donate now to stop Dems from losing! Double your gift before 9 a.m.!

But less than two weeks from Election Day, we emailed you once twice THREE times and you haven’t given (sorry if we missed your gift). If Democrats like you don’t help President Obama, Democrats are done.


… DEMS are at risk of a massive COLLAPSE.

… REPUBLICANS would DESTROY President Obama’s final two years.



… will Democrats really not help President Obama?! Reminder: ALL GIFTS DOUBLED UNTIL 9 A.M.


We need: $7,089. Either you give and help Democrats win, or President Obama will face nothing but painful gridlock EVERYWHERE.

If you've saved payment info with ActBlue Express, your donation to the DGA will go through immediately:

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Despite such pathetic outreach, what is noted below should give Democrats some hope at least at the State & Local level as midterms draw ever so closer:

Whether this translates into at least somewhat good news for the Democrats in the US Congress is still an open question--as challenges continue to grow daily all around.

: Counting One's Blessings
For this edition of the "Outsider" Newsflash, please note of an upcoming key event here in the United States called #GivingTuesday. It is going to be held on December 2. Please visit for details.

We live you with this "Thought 4 the Week":


: An Opportunity to Make a Difference
Please note this "newsflash" and help spread the World on opportunities to make a difference as the Ebola Menace is fought around the World--All do indeed have an opportunity to make a difference:

[[COLOR=Teal]SIZE=4]As you know, the 2014 Ebola Outbreak in West Africa has inundated the news. This major health concern affecting several countries has been compounded by a lack of localized language skills and dissemination of information about the virus to potentially affected communities. Click on the Ebola Outbreak infographic here:
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: Amazed...
Ebola continues to wreak havoc around West Africa and it has arrived in the United States. Europe is continuing its' efforts as the United Kingdom is continuing on-going meetings of the COBRA committee along with beginning wider efforts to monitor. President #Obama has had a conference call with key World Leaders urging more action. It is insightful as Britain's Sky News interviews the former Prime Minister of Senegal about how they were able to eradicate it all. It is interesting how Government is now at the center of it all--as all Small Government Advocates somehow seem to have gone silent as this latest menace continues to spread.

Beyond the Ebola Challenge, there is the fight in Iraq and Syria. Kobane continues to under siege as the Kurdish defenders seem to have been left to fend for themselves. This "voice" Although the latest from US Officials underscore how the bombings have "stalled" Dayesh (also known as the IS/ISIL/Islamic State/Etc.), they seem to continue to make advances and are extremely capable of adapting to the challenges being faced right now. This very chilling video secured by Al Jazeera underscores the extend of the the reach of Dayesh right now.
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: No Choice....
Part of what "outsiders" has been about is a sense of transformation and to be different in terms of the need to understand. Recently a story in Technilious gave a moment of pause to reflect upon the fundementals..and it began with this beautiful story from the fantastic Randy Pautsch:

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On India & Pakistan Right now....

October 8th 2014 04:27
: Why would Pakistan do it?

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: Worrisome...
As a new week dawns, We here @ "outsiders" have been monitoring the fight for the City of Kobani. The fight has been intense and all reports we've seen reflects Kobani may fell to the Dayesh Thugs (also known as IS/Islamic States in the West). This has been in spite of continued airstrikes by US-Led coalition airstrikes and fights by Kurdish forces. The Syria Observatory for Human Rights reports that a Kurdish Woman Suicide Bomber bomber blew herself up in the midst of some Dayesh Thugs.

As the fight for Kobani continues, Baghdad is also under the threat of Dayesh Forces. What remains an open question is whether Turkey will enter Syria to push back these thugs or not? The question of Iran's involvement is also ever so an open question because if any of the Shiite holy sites are threatened, it is a red line and Rouhani made it ever so clear. As this has been going on, the Al Nusra Front has been in a major fight with Hezbollah on the Lebanese border as well

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A "Thought 4 the Week-End"

October 4th 2014 04:52
: As The Week-End Dawns :-)
On this First Week-End of the new quarter, we wanted to take a moment of reflection to underscore:

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: May we live in interesting times....
Today is Gandhi Ji's Birthday. While on the "Grid", reflected upon this great day:

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: As a New Month & A New Quarter Is Before Us
Election Season is ever so in the United States--As is in India. Early Voting has begun in a number of states as Sample ballots have been received by all registered voters as the final battles are being drawn.

As we went to press, we were reviewing the latest out of the so-called US Mainstream Press and all indications are that the US House will remain in Republican Hands and they're slated to add to their Majority. The US Senate, though, is up in the air especially as a number of interesting races are shaping up to peek the interests--including one particular one in the State of Kansas as Pat Roberts, the long-time Senator, is being challenged by a third-party upshot. What is striking is that Senator Roberts does not even have a home in Kansas. That's really not too surprising--since President George H.W. Bush called a Houston Hotel in Texas for a while before settling back in Texas as he built his Library

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